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Since 1982, Loger Toys has been building its reputation on the excellent construction and durability of its products. We employ the most modern technology available with our state of the art computerized machinery, yet never losing sight of those personal touches that gives each and everyone of our products the look of a finely crafted piece of showroom quality furniture. We still hand sand all of our blocks and toys.

Loger Toys Ltd. is a manufacturer that specializes in the production of wooden educational furniture and toys. This furniture is manufactured for the educational and day care industry. Loger toys offer a wide variety of developmentally appropriate learning materials for early childhood. They make learning fun. Our focus is to offer our customers a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Our company is now in the process of expansion. With the increase in the number of daycare centers opening every year, both in-country and abroad, we feel that we now have the facilities to develop new product lines not yet on the market.

We feel that there is a tremendous opportunity for export of our existing products and our new product lines. Competition in this industry is fierce due to the ever-increasing demand for more advanced educational products. Loger Toys believes that it offers the highest quality of furniture at the most competitive pricing available today. The quality of product is what we have built our reputation on and sets Loger Toys apart from its competitors.

Loger Toys realizes the importance of global markets and worldwide competition, therefore the company is always proactively developing and implementing plans for growth in the international market through trade shows and direct marketing strategies. Each phase of the market development plan is closely monitored for optimum results, by emphasizing the commitment of financial and human resources.


Loger Toys is complying with the CPSC rules and regulations. All products that are manufactured and supplied by Loger Toys Ltd in USA and Canada are free of lead and phthalate. Please click here to view the certificate (pdf format, file size 1.46mb).


Loger was the first manufacturer of wooden educational furniture in North America to introduce the 32mm system of construction, also known as the dowel system.
This method of construction dramatically increases the strength of all joints by fastening them from within with pre glued and louvered dowels. The unit is then compressed in a special compression machine for added strength. This eliminates the need for heavy screws and nails that can ultimately cause splintering and chipping. This method of construction gives the unit a smooth and aesthetically appealing look. Loger uses solid Northern Hardwood Maple, one of the most dense and strongest woods in the world. We use #1 grade 3/4” Birch Plywood, not 5/8” as others do. We never skimp on our plywood, and you’ll never see a raw edge on any Loger furniture products. All our edges are laminated with 3mm thick solid hard maple edge banding.

All Loger units are equipped with reinforced kick panels for protecting little fingers and toes. The hidden reinforced corners give added strength to joints that could otherwise be weakened from constant rolling on carpeted floors.
All our kitchen units and plywood fold and lock storage units have full-length piano hinges, the strongest and safest hinge available. The piano hinge will pivot a full 270 degrees, virtually eliminating pinched fingers. Last but not least, all mobile units have non-marking, double wheeled, hooded or swivel casters allowing for smooth rolling and maneuverability.

Loger continually strives to improve its products. As we enter the new millennium our mission is to remain a world class leader in the construction of fine quality educational furniture through leading edge technology.

Loger continues to work to improve tomorrow by investing in today!





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