MA 3068 | MA 3069

PL 3070 | PL 3071

Description: MA3068 | MA3069 | PL3070 | PL3071

Stores a variety of things, books or toys. Mounted on casters for easy maneuver ability.


Dimension in Length x Width x Height format:

MA3068 | PL3070

48" L x 13" W x 24" H

MA3069 | PL3071

48" L x 13" W x 30" H



Dimension in Wide x Height x Deep format:

MA3068 | PL3070

48" W x 24" H x 13" D

MA3069 | PL3071

48" W x 30" H x 13" D



pl3070.jpg  (right click on the file and select "Save Target As")





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